FS Chain Coat

Semi-synthetic water clear, odourless, tasteless and food safe lubricant

  • Clean in use
  • Water clear, tasteless, odourless fluid
  • Disperses water Contains hydrophobic oil and polymers. Lubricates and leaves water resistant coating
  • Protects against corrosion
  • Can be applied through automatic lubrication systems including drip feed systems
  • Versatile can be used to aid assembly and disassembly, also for lubrication of delicate mechanisms
  • NSF H1 Registered, made with FDA listed ingredients

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FS Chain Coat is a semi-synthetic water clear, odourless, tasteless and food safe lubricant. It has been specifically designed to penetrate into difficult areas displace water and lubricate. Furthermore it contains additives that will resist wash off and over time will create a highly adhesive coating, protecting metal surfaces from corrosion.

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Available Sizes

5Ltr Jerry, 20Ltr Container

Typical Application

Chains, slides and pivot points subjected to operating in wet environments, Low temperature applications such as conveyors operating in freezers

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