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Over our many years in the lubrication industry we have seen our products and lubrication solutions utilised by a wide range of commercial sectors. We like to think that we have a comprehensive knowledge of lubrication applications across a wide range of industries, which allow us to help you to make the best choices for your lubrication needs.

Our products and range of services are ever evolving, with new lubricants and related accessories being constantly added. Whether you are looking for a new provider of industrial lubricants, upgrading your current storage or handling, or seeking a bespoke lubrication solution to your sector, Lubricants SW will be happy to help.

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Our industrial and manufacturing lubrication solutions have been utilised across the country to huge success, and customer satisfaction. Through our experience we know that many industrial applications that require lubrication, can be extremely hard working and wearing to moving parts. Cross that with environmental conditions such as extreme temperatures or contamination by dirt or water, and you have a recipe for potential issues. That is where our range of industrial lubrication solutions can help you to achieve less downtime and more economy, offering a cost-effective answer.

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Motor Industry

Whether you are looking for maintenance lubricants for your workshop or garage, or lubricants for use in repair or maintenance of vehicles, we have a range of products or services to support your business.  We have an extensive selection of automotive oils and greases in stock, with delivery options to ensure you get the best products in the best time! With our expertise, we can help and advise you on a lubrication solution suited to you and your sectors needs, from storage solutions through to a lubrication garage design and install.

motor industries - manufacturing - lubricants south west
motor industries - manufacturing - lubricants south west

Food Preparation

We specialise in food grade lubricants including aerosols, oils & greases for the food industry, helping you to follow health and safety rules and guidelines. Our food safe lubricants are used in a great number of food preparation and manufacturing plants and premises across the country. We not only stock the largest range of food grade and food safe lubricants in the South West, we also offer complete colour coded solutions and a wide variety of lubrication equipment and storage options. We aim to be your one-stop-shop for all of your lubrication requirements, in a variety of sectors.


Those working within the farming & agriculture industry sectors rely on equipment and tools in remote locations and demanding terrain. Reliability and efficiency are two of the most important words when it comes to agricultural working processes. Ensuring that you have the correct and most efficient agricultural lubrication solution in place is paramount – that is where we come in. We stock everything from hydraulic oils to lubrication storage solutions, and a whole host of accessories, all under one roof.

As a part of our work with the agriculture industry, we work to stock feed & pellet mills with food grade machinery grease to maintain efficient systems while still upholding the food safety standards expected of NSF & FSSC 22000 certified manufacturers. In addition to this, we are also the SW stockists of the Healthy Hooves animal foot care solutions, plus a range of manual and automatic footbaths for cattle and sheep.

In an industry that is becoming more and more competitive with other sectors, ensuring that your machinery and tools are correctly lubricated will enforce your productivity and cost effectiveness.

motor industries - manufacturing - lubricants south west
motor industries - manufacturing - lubricants south west

Plastic Moulding

We excel in providing lubrication services and solutions to the Plastic Moulding industry, offering a specialist and full spectrum of moulding machinery lubricants and release agents including:

  • Injection Moulding – Complete range of release agents, mould cleaners and mould protectors plus high quality hydraulic and gear fluids
  • Vacuum Forming – Food grade and non-food grade lubricants for the complete vacuum forming line from extrusion to forming especially for the food industry
  • Extrusion Forming – Pipe and profile extrusion machinery lubricants
  • Rotational Moulding – Wide range of mould release agents plus very high temperature oven lubricants for hot bearings and chains
  • Blow Moulding – We offer complete rationalisation of food grade lubricants for the blow moulding machinery to simplify and reduce the cost of lubrication and improve reliability
motor industries - manufacturing - lubricants south west

Mining Lubrication

 We offer a wide range of mining lubricants, such as oils and greases which are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. We can also supply equipment for open cast and underground mining and drilling, complete mine stores supplies, pump lubricants, and more including:

  • Heavy duty mining greases and drilling compounds
  • Rocks drill oils and drilling rig lubes
  • Automatic conveyor lubrication systems
  • Scoop Tram and Excavator lubricants
  • Plant and Hammer greases
motor industries - manufacturing - lubricants south west
motor industries - manufacturing - lubricants south west

Marine Engineering

Many businesses within the Marine Engineering sector rely on us to provide solutions to their lubrication needs, from safety and cleaning products through to biodegradable and environmentally friendly lubricants.

  • Salt Resistant Greases
  • Hydrophobic grease
  • Marine oil spillage kits, booms and absorbents
  • 2-Stroke Outboard oils
  • Stainless steel lubrication fittings
  • Feathering Propeller greases and nipples

Lubrications for every sector

Cannot see your sector listed above? These are just some of the sectors that have benefited from our lubrication products and solutions across the UK and Ireland.  Our team of technical support specialists will be happy to help you with any questions, with the aim of giving you the most cost-effective and reliable lubrication solution available.

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Nampak Plastics

“Seeking reliable insights on the most appropriate lubricant to use, Nampak turned to its trusted authorised Petro-Canada Lubricants distributor, Lubricants South West, for advice. “Trusting your distributor is important,” observes Short. “If you have that, and can prove results, the decision almost makes itself."

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