Aqua G

Fine particle size dispersion of graphite in water

  • Designed to eliminate the risk of Bakery Oven fires from oil-based chain lubricants
  • Clean drying. Water flashes off when applied to hot chains
  • Pure Graphite coating
  • Does not attract dust or debris like oil based products
  • Non-flammable, sprayable coating – can be applied when oven is hot or in use
  • Suitable for use up to and above 600°C

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Aqua-G is a fine particle size dispersion of graphite in water, especially suitable where a smooth dry lubricating film is required on a variety of substrates to provide a parting/anti stick medium, dry boundary lubrication or conductive properties. The Aqua G Graphite Lubricant is particularly useful in the prevention of bakery oven fires.

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Available Sizes

5kg Container, 25kg Container

Typical Application

Spooner Bakery Tunnel Oven Chains, Die Casting Lubricant, Die Lubricant for Forging Industry, Drawing Lubricant for Tungsten Wire, Dry Lubricant, Gasket Parting Medium, Graphite Chain Lubricant

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