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Automatic lubrication Systems

Automatic lubrication systems work by dispensing small amounts of lubricant at set intervals, eliminating many on-going maintenance costs and in turn, eliminating unnecessary maintenance downtime.

Whether you are looking for a single line automatic lubrication system, Motor Driven automatic grease lubricators, or a bespoke solution, you will find Lubricants to have a lubrication system to suit your needs.

Why automatic lubrication?

Automatic lubrication can benefit manufacturing businesses of any size for a variety of reasons. As with all machinery with moving parts, components can and will fail over time, with the most common reasons being the incorrect lubrication of items, such as bearings.  This can be reduced with the use of automatic lubrication equipment, saving you and your business money and potential downtime of manufacturing processes.  

Automation benefits

Whilst the initial cost of setting up automatic lubrication is higher than a manual approach, the investment will be more cost-effective in the long run. Just some of the benefits include:

  • Less machinery downtime.
  • Savings on lubrication costs due to correctly timed applications.
  • Safer environment for employees.
  • Savings on spare parts and labour including maintenance costings.

We are automatically the experts!

We offer a wealth of knowledge in automatic lubrication solutions, with many years’ experience in designing, upgrading, installing, and maintaining auto lubrication systems across the UK. Once we have determined your needs on your needs, we can work with you to find the correct and most cost-effective system, to put in place.

We can offer:

  • Supply of automated Lubrication systems – Either in standard kit form, or via chain/oil brush application.
  • In-house filling of grease or oil lubricants into single or multi point lubricators.
  • Supply of disposable, refillable, and removable automatic lubricators.


Already have an automatic lubrication system in place? We have a vast inventory of lubricants and greases that can be used within automatic systems.