Titan-M NLGI ‘1’ LSW Rotational Moulding Grease

Synthetic non-melting grease with MoS2

  • Will not deterioriate in storage
  • Excellent sealing characteristics
  • Wide operating temperature -30°C to +280°C
  • Long lasting at high temperatures
  • Suitable for all types of bearings
  • Excellent adhesion to metal surfaces
  • Reduces noise Contains MoS2 high load additives
  • Designed to stay mobile in long grease lines of plastic rotational moulding machines.
  • Can be revitalised with an injection of the high temperature base oil.

Titan-M NLGI 1 LSW Grease is a synthetic non-melting grease with MoS2, designed to operate in extreme conditions of temperature, load and harsh environment. The nature of the grease will help to reduce noise in heavily loaded bearings and as a general purpose lubricant it may be used on all types of bearings, both plain and anti-friction. It’s excellent adhesion makes it ideal for sliding surfaces made from any metal.

Additional information

Available Grades


Available Sizes

12.5kg Keg, 400g Cart

Typical Application

Foundries, Glass works, Ideal for all bearings operating at high temperatures and varying speeds., Kiln cars, Potteries, Rotating Arms & Bearings on hot Rotational Moulding Machines, Steel works etc., Stenters

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