Suzzara Blue AC IBC Pump Kit

Features of the Suzzara Blue AC AdBlue™ IBC Pump Kit:

  • Self priming membrane electric AdBlue™ pump
  • Stainless steel IBC mounting plate
  • Flow rate: 32ltr Per Min
  • 6m delivery & 1.5m suction hose
  • SEC connector
  • Hose & nozzle support with drip catcher
  • Pro version with auto nozzle & K24 meter
  • Basic version with manual nozzle
  • Fittings for installation
  • Protection grade: IP55
  • Available in 230v & 110v

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The Suzzara Blue AC AdBlue™ IBC Pump Kit from leading Italian manufacturer Piusi, is designed for the dispensing of AdBlue™ (DEF), specifically from an IBC. Available as standard with a self-priming membrane Piusi AdBlue™ pump, nozzle, delivery and suction hose and IBC connector, it is a plated ready to use kit that is easily mounted and moved between AdBlue IBCs. It also benefits from as a hose and nozzle support complete with drip catcher for neat and clean storage.

This Adblue™ transfer pump is a mains powered solution, with versions in 230v and 110v depending upon site requirements. It is therefore designed for carrying out AdBlue™ refills at a fixed installation where there is access to electricity.

Available are Pro and Basic versions of the Piusi IBC AdBlue™ pump kit; the difference being that the Pro comes with the added benefits of an automatic nozzle for shutting off when the vehicle is full and flow meter for measuring the amount of fluid dispensed. The more economical Basic model of this electric AdBlue™ pump has a manual nozzle and no meter. In response to market requirements, we have now introduced a “hybrid” version with an automatic nozzle but no meter.

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