Spill Pallets with Framed Covers and Flexible Covers



• Safe, bunded storage for 200L drums and smaller containers
• Removable grid-decks for easy cleaning
• Weatherproof PE construction (100% recyclable)
• Compliant with Oil Storage Regulations
• Compatible with forklifts and pallet trucks
• Remove drums before lifting


• Economical protection for Spillpallets and containers
• Full height prevents rainwater entering sump
• Keeps containers clean and dry
• Rope and eyelets at base to create tight fit
• Can be easily pulled back for access to containers

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Protecting containers from the elements and preventing sumps filling with rainwater is easily achieved with flexible Spill pallet covers. Choose from spillpallet+cover combos or separate covers to help reduce the need for regular inspection and emptying of sumps.


Code Description Size W × D × H Max. load Sump
BPFE1/FRCO 1 Drum Spillpallet + Framed Cover combo 100 × 68 × 218cm 400kg 250L
FRCO/1 Separate Framed Cover to retro-fit BPFE1 Spillpallet
BPFE2/FRCO 2 Drum Spillpallet + Framed Cover combo 131 × 75 × 202cm 650kg 250L
FRCO/2 Separate Framed Cover to retro-fit BPFE2 Spillpallet
BPFE2/RC Flexible Raincover for BPFE2 SpillPallet
BPFE4/FRCO 4 Drum Spillpallet (2 × 2) + Framed Cover combo 139 × 129 × 185cm 1250kg 250L
FRCO/4 Separate Framed Cover to retro-fit BPFE4 Spillpallet
BPLN/FRCO 4 Drum Spillpallet (1 × 4) + Framed Cover combo 245 × 66 × 188cm 1250kg 235L
FRCO/LN Framed Cover to retro-fit BPLN Spillpallet
BPFE4/RC Flexible Raincover for BPFE4 Spillpallet

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