Solo EP

Calcium Complex Grease

  • Very good thermal stability
  • Exceptionally water repellent
  • Chemical resistance
  • Good performance under high loads
  • Excellent rust and corrosion prevention
  • Temperature Range -30°C to +180°C

Solo EP is based on mineral oil thickened with a complex calcium sulphonate that endows the grease with a very high melting point, this makes the product very thermally stable and it may be recommended for many high temperature applications.

Calcium complex is a great choice for a grease thickener for many reasons. Firstly, it is naturally high in EP value making it the perfect choice to be used in situations where there is a heavy load applied to it and secondly has a great resistance to water making it perfect for where water washout is a concern.

Solo EP is produced using a medium to high base oil viscosity, this gives it the ability to withstand the high impact of certain applications and lends itself to slower-moving applications where metal to metal contact needs to be avoided.

Additional information

Available Sizes

400g Cart, 500g Pots, 5kg Tubs, 12.5kg Pail

Typical Applications

• Anti-friction and plain bearings for use in industrial and automotive applications
• Applications around fresh or salt water
• Applications subjected to chemical attack
• Effective in all types of presses such as tablet presses, wood pellet presses and animal feed presses.

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