The Most Advanced Spray Lube You Can Buy

  • Lubricates
  • Protects
  • Penetrates
  • Cleans
  • Stops rust & corrosion
  • Excellent for applications where you do not want to attract dust & dirt

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The advantages of SFR 100 in a spray form for ease of lubrication on almost all moving parts.

Professional grade lubricant you can use in the house, garage and workshop. 

PROTECTA with extreme pressure additives withstands 5 times the lubricating friction of leading brands in laboratory tests.  PROTECTA’s advanced formula creates a superior lubricating film that provides protection even after the oil dries.  It adheres to metal better than other spray lubricants, and it cleans most surfaces while quickly penetrating and loosening frozen or rusted metal parts.

Makes all other spray oils obselete!

Resists water and drives moisture from working surfaces.  Evaporates leaving a protective, long-lasting, non-sticky and dust-free film.  Superior lubricating film strength.  To clean or free stuck parts, apply liberally.


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Available Sizes

NET WT. 10 OZ. (284g)

Available Grades

Also available in fluid form as SUPERIOR LUBE

Typical Applications

Locks * Hinges * Wheels * Fittings * Rollers * Doors * Latches * Tools * Drawers * Castors * Cables * Chains * Valves * Cars * Firearms * Sliders * Bikes and more

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