• Revolutionary extended drain intervals can reduce maintenance and provide savings
  • Longer oil life provides long-lasting equipment protection
  • Outstanding anti-wear/anti-scuff protection
  • Keeps engine parts clean
  • Inventory consolidation



Petro-Canada SENTRON LD8000 is a premium performance, long life natural gas engine oil (NGEO) specially formulated to lubricate natural gas engines and compressors.  SENTRON LD 8000’s extended drain intervals can mean lower maintenance costs, less used oil to dispose of and a more efficient and profitable operation.  SENTRON LD 8000’s exceptional performance is especially important in the severe service conditions common in compression, power generation and combined heat and power applications. Its outstanding anti-wear protection helps to minimize polish and wear of cylinder liners and wear of piston rings, while helping to reduce carbon buildup.

That can mean:
• Longer service intervals
• Cleaner engines with less wear
• Less downtime
• Less backfiring
• Fewer service calls

SENTRON LD8000 is formulated with Petro-Canada’s pure HT Severely Hydrocracked base oils and highly advanced additive technology to help deliver a combination of extended oil life, and excellent control of engine deposits in many applications. Offering exceptional protection against wear and corrosion, SENTRON helps provide worry-free operation, increased engine durability and engine life, which can lead to a reduction in overall operating costs.

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1040 Litre IBC, 205ltr Barrel, 20ltr Pail, Onsite Pump-Off available

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