Roto Tech

Non-carbonising semi fluid grease

  • Long lasting at high temperatures
  • High load properties
  • Low ash deposits
  • Does not fling off
  • Resists vibration
  • Resists shock loads
  • Temperature range 0°C to 180°C (Dry lubrication to 450°C).

Roto Tech, Rotary Oven Grease is a Non-carbonising semi fluid grease designed for operation at high temperatures particularly where access may be difficult. Suited for economical application to rotary oven bottom bearings in bakeries and any other bearings or chains operating at slow speeds or under heavy loads. Special Lube-Shuttle cartridge option available which eliminates the need to heat the grease before use. With a Lube-Shuttle Gun and our special adaptor you can pump this semi-fluid grease into the bottom bearings when grease is cold

Additional information

Available Sizes

400g Cartridges, 400g Lube Shuttle Cartridges, 2kg Tin, 12.5kg Pail

Typical Application

Also suitable for other slow speed applications, Ask about our patented Lube-Shuttle application gun and cartridge system., May be used where problems are experienced with carbonisation of normal greases or where there may be a build up of residue at very high temperatures., Roto Tech is specifically designed for bottom bearings on rotary ovens., Will not block oil ways even at the highest temperatures. Can be poured or brushed into and onto bearings and chains.

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