Purity FG2 Multi-Purpose

Multi-purpose Grease for Food Processing and Industrial Applications such as Feed Mill pellet presses

  • High load carrying capability and excellent protection against wear
  • Specifically formulated with multiple EP protection enhancers to withstand high loads
  • Protects gears, bearings and equipment under higher loads
  • Helps to prevent seizure, scuffing and spalling
  • Strong resistance to lubricant breakdown and water washout in harsh operating environments
  • Maintains consistency and lubrication in the presence of water, food acids, juices and by-product
  • Does not run from bearings under steam cleaning
  • Highly resistant to water washout and most sterilizing chemicals used in cleaning
  • Outstanding benefits for general application needs
  • Excellent thermal and mechanical stability compared to other thickeners, particularly in the presence of heat and water
  • Formulated with white mineral oil and tackifiers to help provide effective equipment operation over a broad temperature range
  • Good pumpability down to -20°C (-4°F) for use in centralized lubricating systems
  • Inherent thickener protection fortified with additional EP additive to withstand high loads
  • NSF H1 Registered


PURITY™ FG2 MULTI PURPOSE is a H1 food grade lubricant specially formulated for tough food processing applications where high loads can be challenging such as feed mill pellet presses allowing manufacturers to maintain their equipment while upholding their NSF & FSSC 22000 certification.

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Available Grades


Available Sizes

400g Cartridges, 17kg Pail, 54kg Lined Keg, 175kg Lined Drum

Typical Applications

PURITY FG2 MULTI PURPOSE possess the benefits of calcium sulfonate complex thickener and added EP protection for food processing equipment needs, such as mixing, cooking, freezing, baking, and also diverse packaging needs.
In particular, PURITY FG2 MULTI PURPOSE is designed to deliver effective performance in animal feed pellet mill bearings.

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