Purity FG Seamer-E Fluid


  • Strong Load Carrying Characteristics
  • Excellent Water Control
  • H1 registered by NSF for use in and around food processing areas

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Purity FG Seamer-E fluid is a high performance, advanced food grade lubricant specially designed for use in the food canning industry.

It is a mineral oil based, water emulsifying fluid that is formulated for use in high-speed continuous lubrication seaming units where contamination of the oil with water, food juices and sugar may occur. It is designed to lubricate the main turrets, bearings, chains and gears for smooth and effective equipment performance.

Provides viscosity control in the presence of water, and excellent load-carrying properties and corrosion inhibition to protect seamer components.

It meets the highest food industry safety standards and fits perfectly in HCCP and GMP plans. All components comply with FDA regulation 21 CFR 178.3570 Lubricants with incidental food contact.

Registered by NSF as an H1 lubricant for use in food processing plants where incidental food contact may occur. This product is acceptable for use in food processing facilities in Canada.

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Available Sizes

20Ltr Pail, 205Ltr Barrel, 1040Ltr IBC

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