Purity FG Heat Transfer Fluid

Heat Transfer Fluid for reducing the frequency of fluid change-outs

  • Higher thermal and oxidative stability than leading competitors which can help extend fluid life and lower operating costs
  • Higher resistance to oxidative thickening versus leading competitive fluids
  • Less prone to solids and resins formation versus leading competitive fluids
  • Low vapour pressure can help on top-up costs while improving workplace safety
  • Natural lubricity extends operational savings
  • Fully approved for use in and around food processing areas
  • NSF H1 Registered

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Petro Canada PURITY FG Heat Transfer Fluid is formulated to help lower operating costs by reducing the frequency of fluid change-outs in operations that require a food grade product.

PURITY FG Heat Transfer Fluids unique chemistry starts with a blend of 99.9% crystal-clear base fluids, produced from a HT Purity Process. These crystal-clear fluids are free of impurities that can hinder performance. Utilizing more than 30 years of formulating experience, Petro Canada fortifies these thermally stable fluids with specially selected additives to provide outstanding protection from oxidative breakdown.

The result is PURITY FG Heat Transfer Fluid, a food grade fluid that provides high thermal efficiency in systems operating up to 326°C PURITY FG Heat Transfer Fluid’s breakthrough chemistry can assist in extending fluid life longer than leading competitive fluids, and help lower operating costs by reducing the frequency of fluid change-outs.

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Available Sizes

20Ltr Pail, 205Ltr Barrel, 1040Ltr IBC

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