Penetrating Fluid Aerosol

PTFE Penetrating Fluid Aerosol

  • Penetrate quickly into the most corroded components.
  • Lubricate hinges, locks, fasteners and cables etc.
  • Release seized nuts, bolts and components.
  • Displace water and protect against corrosion.
  • Give long term low friction effect using PTFE Micro particles.

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New Tech Lubes Penetrating Fluid is a high technology, fast acting penetrating and de-watering lubricant for the effective release of all corroded components. Its modern formulation enables the cleaning and lubrication of all metal parts in seconds and provides long-term protection against further contamination and corrosion.

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Available Sizes

500ml Aerosol

Typical Application

New Tech Lubes Penetrating Fluid can be used on all components where dust and dirt can give problems, as the dry film will help reduce adhesion of contaminants., New Tech Lubes Penetrating Fluid is recommended for the release of all threaded fasteners, joints and pipe couplings.

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