Water Resistant Multipurpose High Temp Grease

  • Available in two colours: OG2 NLGI 2 Grade Tan coloured grease, OG2 RED NLGI 2 Red coloured grease
  • Multipurpose, high temperature greases
  • Suitable for wet conditions such as plasterboard manufacturing
  • Archimedes Screw Hydro Turbine top & bottom bearings
  • Lithium Free Grease suitable for use on drilling rigs prospecting for lithium
  • Temperature range Tan -20°C to +200°C , Red -25°C to +163°C

PEERLESS OG 2 & OG 2 RED – Water Resistant Grease. Based on a special type of calcium sulphonate thickener which retains its effectiveness in the presence of water.  Capable of absorbing moderate levels of water without softening or changing consistency, whilst still providing outstanding rust protection.

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Available Sizes

400g Cart, 17kg Pail, 54kg Keg, 175kg Drum

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