SW4 Heavy Duty Parts Washer Degreasing Solution

pH Neutral Degreasing Liquid for SmartWasher® Parts Washers

• Bioremediating
• Non-Hazardous
• Non-Flammable
• pH Neutral
• Non-Toxic
• Non-Irritating
• Less expensive to use than solvent unit
• Reduces compliance costs
NSF-registered fluids

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About SmartWasher®

Why Choose SmartWasher®

SW4 Heavy Duty Parts Washer Degreasing Solution is the liquid used in the SmartWasher® Parts Washers (such as the SW-23 and SW-28 parts washers). This environmentally friendly cleaning fluid emulsifies with oil and grease to create water and carbon dioxide. Instead of expensive hazardous waste removal contracts, our Parts Washers and degreasing fluids are the perfect alternative.

Excellent at breaking down Crude Oil, Hydraulic Transmission Fluid, Motor Oil, Solder, Flux, Bearing Grease, Automotive Grease, Resin Products and more!

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