• Lightweight making it easy to deploy
  • Unique skin stitch pattern
  • Excellent absorbency and fluid retention
  • Highly absorbent fill with wicking outer skin
  • Excellent cornering properties keeps socks tucked into the base of machinery
  • Place at the base of leaking machinery to absorb leaks on contact and reduce the spread of contamination
  • Use to surround a spillage to prevent further spreading and absorb on contact
  • Strong wicking action for easy clean-up of everyday spills and leaks

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Oil and Fuel Absorbent Socks for use on oils, fuels and oil-based solvents. Maximum absorbency without waste; easier to deploy and clean-up than indiscriminate loose granular material. Suitable for use in workshops, production areas, maintenance facilities, transport and storage areas and any situation where leaks and spills occur.

Additional information

Part Number



Box of 8



Unit Size

8cm x 3m

Suitable For

Oils & Fuels

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