Neoprene drain covers

Simple and effective reusable drain covers.
• Resistant to oil, water and most chemicals
• Protect drains from hazardous spills
• Easy to clean and re-use


Complete kit for protecting drains
• Neoprene drain cover
• 1kg tub Plugging granules
• Weatherproof holdall
• Disposable gloves


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Code  Description  Size
ADR07  Neoprene Drain Cover 70cm × 70cm
ADR10  Neoprene Drain Cover 100cm × 100cm
ADRG05  Neoprene Gully Cover 50cm × 5m
ADRG10  Neoprene Gully Cover 50cm × 10m
DPK1  Drain Protection Kit 100cm × 100cm

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