Multi Lube EP2 Multi Purpose Grease

For use in heavily loaded anti-friction and plain bearing applications

  • Good mechanical stability
  • Excellent water and corrision resistance
  • Good load carry properties
  • Versatile & Compatible with most other soap based greases
  • Multi-Lube is also available in many other grades.

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Multi-Lube Multi Purpose Grease is a Lithium soap E.P grease for use in heavily loaded anti-friction and plain bearing applications. Multi-Lube is the ideal grease for many situation making it an invaluable addition to your stores or toolbox.

Additional information

Available Grades

NLGI 000, 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, Standard Grade NLGI 2

Available Sizes

12.5kg Pail, 400g Cart, 500g Pot

Typical Application

Also suitable for grease filled gearboxes, Central Lubrication Systems (Lower NLGI Grades most suitable), Lubrication of bearings, slides and pivots

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