Fires Minute and Accurate Shots of Graphite Laden Fluid Exactly where it is required

  • High Pressure Jets fire accurate shots of fine lubricant
  • Uses the Castrol IM200 Graphite Dry Lube
  • Ideal for really dusty environments such as chains on Bucket Elevators transferring fine powders, Kilns & Dryers, Sugar & Flour Mills, Cement & Plasterboard Plants
  • Also ideal for accurate dry lubrication of overhead chain conveyors in vehicle assembly plants

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The LUBECON System comprises of a central tank, pump and SmartLube controller.  The system detects the links and pins of a chain via proximity switches and fires a small but dead accurate shot of the Castrol IM200 Graphite Dry Lube Fluid in between the rollers and inner plates and between the inner plates and outer plates of the chain.  This ensures that the lubricant gets direct to the point where it is most needed which dramatically reduces wear and friction on the chains.  This has a knock-on benefit of reducing electricity consumption and chain squeal and extending the life of the chains, sprockets and tracks.

The Castrol IM200 Fluid is an extremely low viscosity graphite laden fluid which penetrates as soon as it hits the spot, deposits the graphite and flashes off leaving a durable dry coating exactly where it is needed.  This ensures no overspray or dripping of fluid (crucial in a paint plant for instance) and the dry coating does not attract dust or debris which in turn reduces wear.  All this means that it is an extremely efficient and reliable method of centralised lubrication and it can be extended to service multiple points from one central unit and SmartLube controller.

Installation:  We offer a complete nation-wide survey and design service to ensure that your system are designed in the most economical way, and our teams of highly skilled installers will install and commission the whole system in an extremely neat, tidy and professional way, and with the minimum disruption to your operation.  Please call 01822 855885 today to discuss your requirements.


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