IS60 PRECISION Clear Mould Protector Aerosol

Clear metal protector, used for the protection of moulds and tools

  • Removes water from the surface of all metals Clear
  • Invisible film
  • Non-staining
  • Thin coating – easily removed or moulded off
  • Up to 2 years inside storage protection

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Tygris IS60 is a clear metal protector, used for the protection of moulds and tools, leaving a clear, invisible film which is easy to remove or mould off. Used extensively in the plastic moulding industry it is non-staining and an efficient de-watering agent.

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Typical Application

Critical applications such as medical equipment and diving valves, Lubrication of bearings, slides and pivot points under conditions of high load and continuous high temperature, Particularly good for the lubrication of plastics and elastomers

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