Hydraulic 45° Angle Grease Nipple

Hydraulic Grease Nipples for Lubricant Systems

  • All Hydraulic Grease Nipples are case hardened
  • zinc plated and passivated for resistance to corrosion

Request Information or Pricing

DescriptionPart Number
1/8″ ANPT ( Briggs )HB2/45
1/4″ ANPT ( Briggs )HB4/45
1/4″ BSFHF4/45
5/16″ BSFHF5/45
3/8″ BSFHF6/45
1/8″ BSPHP2/45
1/4″ BSPHP4/45
1/4″ UNFHUF4/45
5/16″ UNFHUF5/45
3/8″ UNFHUF6/45
1/4″ WhitworthHW4/45
5/16″ WhitworthHW5/45
10mm x 1.00HMM10/100/45
10mm x 1.50HMM10/150/45
5mm x 0.80HMM5/080/45
6mm x 1.00HMM6/100/45
8mm x 1.00HMM8/100/45
8mm x 1.25HMM8/125/45

Additional information

Available Sizes

1/4" BSF, 1/4" BSP, 1/4" UNF, 1/4" Whitworth, 1/8" ANPT ( Briggs ), 1/8" BSP, 10mm x 1.5mm 11mm A/F, 10mm x 1mm 11mm A/F, 3/8" BSF, 3/8" UNF, 5/16" BSF, 5/16" Drive Fit, 5/16" UNF, 6mm x 1mm 7mm A/F, 8mm Drive Fit, 8mm x 1.25mm 9mm A/F, 8mm x 1mm 9mm A/F

Part Number

HB2/45, HB4/45, HF4/45, HF5/45, HF6/45, HMM10/100/45, HMM10/150/45, HMM5/080/45, HMM6/100/45, HMM8/100/45, HMM8/125/45, HP2/45, HP4/45, HUF4/45, HUF5/45, HUF6/45, HW4/45, HW5/45

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