Hook-On Type Grease Nipples

Hook-On Grease Nipples for Lubricant Systems

  • Multiple sizes of hook-on grease nipples.


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Part Number
1/8″ ANPT ( Briggs ) HOB2
1/4″ BSF HOF4
3/8″ BSF HOF6
10 mm x 1.00 HOMM10/100
10 mm x 1.50 HOMM10/150
12 mm x 1.75 HOMM12/175/PB
12 mm x 0.75 HOMM12/A
6 mm x 1.00 HOMM6/100
8 mm x 1.00 HOMM8/100
8 mm x 1.25 HOMM8/125
1/8″ BSP HOP2
1/8″ BSP Brass Body * HOP2A
1/4″ BSP HOP4
1/4″ BSP Brass Body HOP4A

Additional information

Available Sizes

1/4" BSF, 1/4" BSP, 1/4" BSP Brass Body, 1/8" BSP, 1/8" BSP Brass Body with Bronze Ball & Spring, 10 mm x 1 mm Pitch, 10 mm x 1.25 mm Pitch, 3/8" BSF, 8mm x 1 mm Pitch, 8mm x 1.25 mm Pitch

Part Number

HOB2, HOF4, HOF6, HOMM10/100, HOMM10/150, HOMM12/175/PB, HOMM12/A, HOMM6/100, HOMM8/100, HOMM8/125, HOP2, HOP2A, HOP4, HOP4A

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