Chemical sprayers specially designed so they can be used for liming tree trunks, painting outside walls with water based paints and for shading the walls of greenhouses. Spraying with lime and emulsions is possible due to the devices being equipped with a specially designed, patented, MAROLEX mixer (preventing sedimentation). Another important feature is a highly efficient pump placed outside the tank to avoid contact with aggressive, thick liquids and to make work more comfortable, removing the need for users to bend when pumping. Come with pressure relief valve, NBR seals, lightweight telescopic fibreglass composite lance with stainless steel inner pipe & adjustable spray nozzle. All materials used in their construction are designed for use with paint and chemicals compatible with NBR. Note: Seals are NOT made of viton.

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Suitable for a wide variety of industrial chemicals/degreasing agents and other liquids including water, fine oils, kerosene, chemicals and solvents compatible with low density polyethylene. C/W pressure relief valve, shoulder strap, stainless steel lance & adjustable spray nozzle. Knapsack sprayers also available.

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5PP05 PROFESSION 5 5.0 Litres
5PP12 PROFESSION 12 12.0 Litres

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