Grease Bucket High Pressure Bucket Greaser

High Pressure Lubricator for Direct Greasing

  • High Pressure Lubricator for direct greasing of bearings from standard grease kegs with: 2.0 metre high pressure extra safe rubber hose and 4-jaw hydraulic connector
  • Keg lid with 3 thumb screws and following plate.
  • Working pressure: 400 bar / 5,800 psi.
  • 1.6cc per stroke.
  • For Grease NLGI 000 – 2

Request Information or Pricing

Bucket Greaser BG 5-s f. 5kg, Inner-Ø165-200 mm                 33 805 71
Bucket Greaser BG 10-s f. 10kg, Inner-Ø215-230 mm             33 810 80
Bucket Greaser BG 15-s f. 15kg, Inner-Ø255-282 mm             33 815 92
Bucket Greaser BG 20-s f. 18/20kg, Inner-Ø265-285 mm        33 818 82
Bucket Greaser BG 20-s f. 18/20kg, Inner-Ø285-305 mm        33 818 37
Bucket Greaser BG 25-s f. 25kg, Inner-Ø300-335 mm             33 825 82
Bucket Greaser BG 50-s f. 50kg, Inner-Ø355-387 mm             33 851 70

Additional information

Available Sizes

BG 15-s for 15kg Keg, BG 20-s for 18/20kg, BG 25-s for 25kg Keg

Part Number

3381592, 3381837, 3381882, 3382582

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