General Purpose Socks 1.2mtr

  • Knitted outer skin with performance fill
  • Fast absorbency speeds
  • Strong wicking action absorbs fluids into inner fill
  • Narrow footprint keeps walkways clear
  • Ideal around machinery to contain and absorb spills and leaks
  • Use to surround a spillage to prevent further spreading and absorb on contact

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General Purpose absorbent socks are ideal for use around leaking machinery to keep walkways free from contamination. They absorb on contact and can be left in place to absorb oil, coolant, hydraulic oil and most workshop fluids. Socks can also be used to contain wider spills and prevent floor contamination that could contribute to slips and falls.

Additional information

Part Number



Box of 20



Unit Size

8cm x 1.2m

Suitable For

Industrial Liquids, Water, Oil, Coolant and Solvent based spills.

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