FuelSet Fuel Conditioner, Cleaner

Fuel Conditioner

  • The complete fuel conditioner in one bottle.
  • Economical 4000:1 mix ratio.
  • Treats all types of fuel.
  • Brightens stale fuel & revives it.

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FuelSet Fuel Conditioner, Cleaner

Totally removes water from fuel systems, kills and dissolves the diesel bug (Cladisporium resinae) – no more blocked filters!

Economical 4000:1 mix ratio. Treats all fuels: petrol, diesel, gas, oil, two stroke & heating oil.

Cleans injectors & jets – removes gums, waxes, resins & acids from fuel systems. Removes carbon build-up from combustion chambers, exhaust ports and turbines. Restores lost fuel economy & improves performance.

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Available Sizes

1ltr Bottle, 25ltr Container, 5ltr Jerry

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