FS Extra

Non-toxic food-safe grease

  • Resistant to salt water and high humidity environments
  • Is dielectric and can be used to protect electrical equipment from ingress of water
  • Lubricates bearings, chains and sliding surfaces including plastic bearings and runners
  • Has a wide operating temperature range
  • Also Available in a 400ml aerosol for easy application and storage
  • NSF H1 Registered, made with FDA Approved ingredients
  • Temperature range -40°C to +340°C

FS Extra is the latest generation food-safe grease. Constructed using pure, non-toxic, synthetic base oils, combined with PTFE and a complex mix of antioxidant and EP packages, making FS Extra a versatile tool for use in many applications for many industries.

Additional information

Available Grades

NLGI 000, 00, 0, 1, 2.

Available Sizes

100g Tube, 200ml Aerosol, 400ml Aerosol, 400g Cartridge, 400g Lube Shuttle Cartridge, 500g Pot, 1kg Pot, 5kg Tub, 12.5kg Pail, 23kg Container

Typical Application

Bearings, planetary gears, slides, trolley wheels, pivots & mechanisms in clean environments, Ideal for protecting uPVC window gear & locks from salt spray ingress due to its hydrophobic character.

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