Foodguard 3H Aerosol


  • Suitable for Plain and Anti-Friction Bearings
  • Wide Operating temperature Range
  • Excellent non stick properties
  • NSF 3H Registered – Direct Contact Approved
  • NSF H1 Registered, made with FDA Approved ingredients

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FoodGuard 3H Aerosol has been developed using FDA approved ingredients to provide the safest possible lubricant for situations where direct contact is a high possibility. Using the most sophisticated additives available, FoodGuard 3H has outstanding performance and reliability.

Used as start-up lubrication FoodGuard 3H Aerosol, for machinery parts prior to machinery self-lubricating with animal fats etc to reduce wear and tear on cutting blades and other parts that may come into contact with the product.

This product can serve a dual purpose and be used as a standard H1 lubricant in bearings and other components requiring a food standard grease. It offers excellent EP ratings and can reduce the number of products on site and the risk of contamination from human error.

Supplied in an aerosol form for easy application and safe storage free from contamination

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Available Grades


Available Sizes

400ml Aerosol, 400g Cartridge, 400g Lube Shuttle Cartridge, 500g Pot, 1kg Pot, 5kg Tub, 12.5kg Keg

Typical Application

Most applications where the risk of direct contact with product is likely, Release agent for hooks, loaf pans, boning benches, chopping boards, Start-up lubrication on cutting blades, Suitable for meat trimmers

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