FL-4 Multi-layer OzzyMat®

Microbial Degreasing Mat for SmartWasher® Setups

• Non-hazardous
• 30 day average lifespan
• Used with the SW-23/SW-28 washers, and SW4 degreasing solution
• Environmentally friendly
• Microbial degreasing mat
• Easy to replace

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About SmartWasher®

Why Choose SmartWasher®

The FL-4 Multi-layer OzzyMat ® is part of the SmartWasher® system, in combination with the SW-23 Parts Washer/SW-28 Parts Washer and the SW4 Degreasing Fluid. This microbial mat works to emulsify grease and oil into water and carbon dioxide, helping to avoid any costly hazardous material waste removal contracts by dealing with it in an eco-friendly way.

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Avg Lifespan

30 days

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