Envirovalve Portable Drain Valve

Inflatable Drain Blocker

Developed in conjunction with the emergency services and the Environment Agency to safely seal a drain from above ground.

One size seals pipes and drains from 4″ to 15″ with no need to carry a range of bladders.

The lance allows the drain sealing bladder to be inserted into deep manholes without confined spaces equipment.

The simple to use high volume pump, with self-regulating pressure, makes it impossible to over-inflate the bladder.

Easy assembly lance and bladder grip aids quick deployment with retaining rope to recover bladder for reuse.

Broad range of chemical compatibility.

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Step 1: Use the lance and holder to insert bladder into the pipe.

Step 2: Pump up the bladder until fully inflated.

Step 3: Remove lance, release pump and move to next bladder.

Step 4: Bladder blocking drain

• PVC carry holdall
• Bladder and retaining rope
• Pump, airline and valves
• Lance and extension rods


Code Product Bladder Size (cm)
4400/FB Portable drain lance 37.5
4400/FB/450 Portable drain lance 45
4400/FB/600 Portable drain lance 60
4400/FB/750 Portable drain lance 75

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