Biodegradable Oil Selective

Elcef Fibre Absorbent is a natural, non-toxic, non-chemical, biodegradable, lightweight fibre.

• Suitable for absorbing chemicals and oil based liquids on land and on water
• Lightweight and hygienic: Easy to handle and retrieve
• Acts Instantly: Fast absorption speed reduces clean-up time

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Code Size Material Qty
SOS2 20L Recycled Cellulose Fibre 100/pallet
SOS2/50 20L Recycled Cellulose Fibre 50/pallet
SOS4 40L Recycled Cellulose Fibre 50/pallet
SOS4/25 40L Recycled Cellulose Fibre 25/pallet
SOS8 80L Recycled Cellulose Fibre 30/pallet
SOS8/15 80L Recycled Cellulose Fibre 15/pallet

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