Duron XL Synthetic Engine Oil

Heavy Duty On & Off Road Engine Oil

  • Advanced soot control
  • Excellent low temperature pumping for wide temperature range protection
  • Excellent high temperature performance for superior all-weather performance
  • Helps provide exceptional engine wear protection


Duron XL Synthetic Engine Oil Blend heavy duty engine oils are premium engine oils recommended for equipment operating in both on road and offroad heavy duty service applications.

Duron XL Synthetic Blend engine oils simplify operations in mixed fleets of global origin and have the soot dispersing capability required by low emission engine designs up to the 2007 model year (for equipment with exhaust after treatment, Duron-E products are recommended). Duron XL Synthetic Blend engine oils are suitable for use in engines fuelled by diesel, gasoline, propane, or compressed natural gas (CNG).”

Duron XL Synthetic Blend engine oils are formulated from one of the purest base oils in the world; the result of a patented HT purity process to produce 99.9% pure base oils. That purity helps maximise the effectiveness of the oil’s soot controlling chemistry and high performance additive system. Extensive fleet trials over millions of kilometres have proven the outstanding benefits of Duron XL Synthetic Blend.

Additional information

Available Grades

0W-30, 10W-40, 15W-40

Available Sizes

205ltr Barrel, 20ltr Pail, 4ltr Jerry

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