Duron Engine Oil

Multigrade Engine Oil

  • Oil stays-in-grade and retains new oil properties for extended durations.
  • Easier, faster cold weather start-ups
  • Extend time between rebuilds and increase resale value
  • Minimize down time and reduced operating and maintenance costs

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Petro-Canada Duron mulitgrade engine oils are premium heavy duty engine oils recommended for engines fuelled by diesel, gasoline, propane, or compressed natural gas (CNG), operating on-highway or off highway in transportation, mining, forestry, construction, farm and marine applications.

Duron Mulitgrade engine oils have superior soot dispersing performance and thermal stability required by the latest low emission engine designs, with features such as advanced combustion chamber design, sophisticated fuel injection management, cooled exhaust gas recirculation and exhaust gas after treatment.

Duron multigrade engine oils are specially formulated with Petro-Canada’s unique patented 99.9% pure HT base oils and high performance additives.

Additional information

Available Grades

10W-30, 15W-40

Available Sizes

1ltr Bottle, 205ltr Barrel, 20ltr Pail, 4ltr Jerry

Typical Application

Car and Light Truck Diesel Engines, Gasoline Engines, Stationary Diesel Power Generation & Marine, Transmissions and Hydraulics

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