Bonded Dry Graphite Lubricant Coating System

  • Formulated to dry extremely fast to reduce the chance of contamination from dust or debris onto coated surfaces.
  • Can be used as a pre-coating as a start-up lubricant during machinery assembly or manufacture to give instant boundary lubrication on start-up.
  • Very clean once dry with little to no surface rub off.
  • Improves over time as Graphite particles are embedded into metal surfaces.

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Dry Graf Aerosol is a bonded graphite lubricant coating system, giving a dry film coating without baking.  This coating eliminates problems associated with oil and grease lubrication caused by dirt and debris sticking to bearing surfaces.  Apply in thin coats, allow to dry and re-apply to build up coating.  Maximum operating temperature +650°C.

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Available Sizes

500ml Aerosol

Typical Application

Assembly coatings, Parting coatings, Lubrication of sliding surfaces, Pre-coating for moulds and die surfaces in the glass and forging industries, Dry coatings and lubrication of kiln chains, Chains

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