Deep Spill Trays

High Walled

• High sides for maximum containment to reduce over-swell
• Large surface area to reduce risk of ground contamination
• Ideal as a safe, contained decanting and filling area
• Easy to clean
• For indoor & outdoor use
• Made from recycled materials
• Can be lined with absorbents to soak up liquids (p66)
• Can be stacked for easy storage

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High walled multi-purpose trays, ideal for container storage, decanting and filling tasks and to catch leaks and drips from vehicles, plant and machinery.

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Description: Medium deep tray Size L × W × H: 64.5 × 49.5 × 12cm Capacity: 28 litres


Description: Large deep tray Size L × W × H: 100 × 55 × 15cm Capacity: 54 litres


Description: Large square deep tray Size L × W × H: 80 × 80 × 12cm Capacity: 60 litres


Description: Giant deep tray Size L × W × H: 100 × 100 × 12cm Capacity: 100 litres


Description: King deep tray Size L × W × H: 120 × 120 × 12cm Capacity: 120 litres

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