Power Cut Neat Cutting Fluid

Reduces friction and Increase metal removal speeds

  • Exceptional load carrying properties
  • Excellent adhesion to tool edges
  • Better finish to machine parts
  • Easy to apply
  • Reduces friction which prolongs tool life
  • Allows higher rate of metal removal
  • Does not contain silicone
  • Also available in a large 500ml aerosol can

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Containing Ultra EP additives, New Tech Lubes Cutting & Tapping Fluid is designed to reduce friction, Increase metal removal speeds and extend the life of the tools cutting edge, all to give an improved surface finish and accuracy.

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Available Sizes

1ltr Bottle, 250ml Oil Spout Bottle, 500ml Aerosol, 5ltr Jerry Can

Typical Application

All slow speed machining, Broaching of tough alloy steels, Reaming, tapping and drilling, Screw?Cuttings, Tapping of stainless steel, Thread cutting on electrical conduit

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