Calflo Flushing Fluid

Heat Transfer System Flushing Liquid

  • Excellent mechanical flush for any type of engine, gearbox, hydraulic or heat transfer systems.
  • Compatible with all grades of Petro-Canada’s CALFLO™ heat transfer fluid
  • Easy disposal as standard Waste Oil.

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Calflo Flushing Fluid

To maximise the performance of a heat transfer system, Petro-Canada highly recommends flushing the system prior to recharging with a new heat transfer fluid. Petro-Canada Calflo Flushing Fluid is a clear, ultra-pure fluid specifically designed as a flushing agent for heat transfer systems.

Residual fluids remaining in a heat transfer system may be oxidized. Left in place, these residual fluids can increase the acidity of a new fluid and act as a catalyst for oxidation.

Petro-Canada Flushing Fluid flushes residual fluid, including residual Cleaning Fluid, from a heat transfer system prior to system recharging. It also helps displace other system contaminates such as water, loose solids and debris, and dangerous light end components that may have resulted from thermal degradation of the previous fluid.

Thus, flushing with Petro-Canada Flushing Fluid results in a cleaner and safer system environment, maximising the performance and the service life of the new fluid, and lowering overall operating costs.

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Available Sizes

205ltr Barrel, 20ltr Container, 5ltr Jerry

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