Beka-Max Progressive Centralised Lubrication System

  • Guaranteed lubricant delivery to every point on the system
  • Service from 1 point up to over 500 points from one unit
  • Easy monitoring of operation
  • Low Level alarm
  • Easy filling using a special gun
  • Using the Di-Sys program you can monitor and adjust the system via a laptop
  • Used on industrial equipment Worldwide
  • Waterproof and tough enough to be used in plant and quarry equipment

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The BEKA-MAX centralised lubrication system is a progressive system which can work with grease up to NLGI 2.  Progressive means that the lubrication points are lubricated one after the other in turn guaranteeing consistent exact delivery every time.  The function of the system can be easily monitored with a pressure relief valve which is activated if a progressive distributor block becomes obstructed.  This protects the system and alerts the operator to a fault.  If blockage does occur, which it shouldn’t, the whole system will stop and by taking off each feed in turn it is easy to find where the problem is.  These systems are far more reliable than a metered system that doesn’t alert the operator to a problem until it is too late.

Structure of the BEKA-MAX Progressive Central Lubrication System:  The electrical piston pump EP-1 delivers the lubricant to the main distributor.  From here it is distributed to the secondary distributors in the correct proportion.  From here the lubricant is conveyed to the lubrication points.  The electronical controller regulates lubrication times and break times depending on time, number of strokes or number of revolutions.

Installation:  We offer a complete nation-wide survey and design service to ensure that your systems are designed in the most economical way, and our teams of highly skilled installers will install and commission the whole system in an extremely neat, tidy and professional way, doing their best to work around your schedules and production periods, and with the minimum disruption to your operation.

Reliability:  The BEKA-MAX system is one of the most reliable systems available and has proved itself very well over decades of reliable service in some of the most demanding environments.  It can be installed anywhere, from Food Production facilities, Abattoirs, Blow-Moulding Plants right down to quarry equipment suchs as Dump Trucks and Excavators.  Totally waterproof and very tough, it is certainly built to last!

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