Formulated to Lubricate & Cool Air-Operated Rock Drills

  • Available viscosities from 32 to 220cSt
  • Designed for air-operated rock drills

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ARDEE oil are formulated to lubricate and cool the mechanisms of air-operated rock drills.  They are ideal for use in equipment running in demanding situations with high air-flow rates, drill shock-loading, and high piston temperatures.  There are six viscosity grades to meet temperatures ranging from -35°C to 45°C.  ARDEE 32 is recommended for low temperatures and/or winter conditions.  ARDEE 68 to 150 are recommended for underground operations, with the 150 grade being favoured in SECAN drills and in mining operations targeting reduction of oil consumption and misting.  ARDEE 220 is recommended for use in open pit operations using drills with a bore larger than 10cm / 4 inches during the summer or under warmer conditions.  ARDEE 32 is recommended for use in plant air-line lubricators, especially where the air is water laden.

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Available Grades

32cST, 46cSt, 68cSt, 100cSt, 150cSt, 220cSt

Available Sizes

20ltr Pail, 205ltr Barrel, + 4ltr Jerry in 150cSt, Bulk IBC in 100cSt

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