Heavy Duty Air Operated 1:1 Ratio Transfer Pumps

Air Operated Oil Pump for All Oil Grades

  • 1:1 Pump Model to suit 205 Litre Drums           OA32173
  • 1:1 Pump Model to suit 4′ (1220mm) Tank        OA32171/4FT
  • 1:1 Pump Model to suit IBC’s (1000ltr IBC’s)    OA32171/IBC

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Air Operated 1:1 ratio piston pump for all grades of oil, fitted with Viton seal for compatibility with Hydraulic Oil, Anti-Freeze, Waste Oil & Diesel.
3/4” Pump Outlet. Flow rate free delivery 40 litres per minute.
Operating pressure 3 to 8 bar (max outlet pressure 8 bar).
For short distance transfer at high flow rate. Series 650

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Available Sizes

1:1 Pump Model to suit 205 Litre Drums, 1:1 Pump model to suit 4? (1220mm) Tank, 1:1 Pump Model with telescopic riser 800 to 1100mm (1000ltr IBC?s), 1:1 Stub Pump Model with 280mm stub, 1 1/4" Hose Tail or 1" BSP (m) inlet

Part Number

OA32070, OA32071-4, OA32071-5, OA32073

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