AdBlue® Spill Kits

• Spill Kits specifically designed for dealing with Adblue® spills & leaks
• Highly absorbent socks & pads
• Disposable bags included
• 4 sizes available

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The safe operation of refuelling facilities:
PPG 7 9.1 Emission reduction solutions (ERS), for example AdBlue® (summary)

If they get into the environment, ERS can seriously pollute groundwater and surface waters. It’s important that they are stored, dispensed and handled correctly. ERS are soluble in water and should be kept out of surface water drainage systems that discharge to the environment. It will not be removed in an oil separator so it’s important to isolate the ERS dispensing area drainage from the surface water system to reduce the possibility of spills and drips causing pollution. If this isn’t possible, your site management systems should make sure any spills of ERS are cleaned up immediately with propriety sorbents.

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25 litre AdBlue spill kit in clip close bag


50 litre AdBlue spill kit in blue shoulder bag


100 litre AdBlue spill kit in blue round bin


240 litre AdBlue spill kit in blue wheelie bin

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