Bespoke Acid Storage & Dispensing Units

Corvault – Pallet / IBC Stores

The clients requirements

For this bespoke unit we showed the customer pictures of previous units we had done in the past and they liked the idea of the rolling floor concept.  They had a requirement for segregated bunds, insulation and heating because these chemicals have got to be kept between 5°C and 25°C.  They also had a requirement for chemical dosing pumps and equipment plus re-modelling of a lot of their existing pipework to improve safety and a full chemical safety audit and training was also necessary.  The main emphasis in the situation was safety.

The customer also needed safety signage and plastic bunding.


Store Specification

  1. ·         Chemical Storage:
              Outside storage bund for max 20 IBCs (acid and alkaline)
    ·         Inside storage area next to Di water plant:
    –          Bunds for 25 kg jacks
    –          Bunds for IBC
    ·         Inside storage are next to Water Treatment Plant
    –          Bunds for max 6 IBCs (low IBC bund)
    ·         Pumps delivering chemicals from the IBCS, WTP
    ·         Pumps suppling pre-treatment tunnel
    ·         Emergency showers
    ·         Lime powder storage
    ·         Chemicals:
    –          GDX4707, it is a chemical used for chrome free systems in the pre-treatment tunnel.
    –          Gardofloc, flocculant is used in WTP.


Corvault – Pallet / IBC Stores

Features and Benefits:

  • Cladding: Profiled, single-skin cladding is fabricated from a Longlife Zintec based, corrosion resistant alloy which is then Plastisol coated.
  • 20-year cladding guarantee in normal conditions.
  • Construction: Robust all welded 100x50mm steel box section frame.2mm Welded steel doors.
  • Polyethylene sumps: to protect against corrosion/degredation from corrosive chemicals.
  • Floor/Shelving: Removable hot dipped galvanized grid mesh floor & shelving.
  • Finish: All steel coated with 2 pack anti-corrosive epoxy paint system. Choice of colours. Standard colour: Blue Ral 5017, Red RAL3020, Green RAL6029
  • Signage: Clear and bold “!” “Keep Door Closed When Not in Use” warning signs fitted as standard.

Standard features include, full width spillage collection sumps, fixed shelving, polyethylene sumps , fully welded, leak tested bunds, galvanized grid mesh floors.

A range of optional extras are also available for the Corvault units including lighting etc.

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