Accuflo TK Slideway Oil

Machine Tool Slideway Lubricant

  • Promotes smoother operations and higher quality production
  • Reduces operating costs
  • Improves equipment durability and reliability


Accuflo TK68 and 220 lubricants are specially formulated to lubricate the slideways of machine tools and maintain smooth, uninterrupted operation. Specially formulated with select additives and 99.9% pure base oils from a HT purity process, Accuflo TK lubricants resist removal by coolants and soluble cutting oils. Therefore, lubricant consumption and tramp oil production are both reduced compared to products with lower tackiness and poorer demulsibility characteristics.

Additional information

Available Grades

220, 68

Available Sizes

20 Litre, 205 Litre

Typical Application

Accuflo TK 220 is recommended for vertical slides or heavy duty machine tools such as planers and boring mills., Products should be stored in closed containers to prevent contamination by water and other foreign matter., These products may be applied by a wide variety of methods ranging from swabbing by hand to automatic lubricators.

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