2522 Grease

Superior Performance Grease

  • 500°F dropping point
  • Timken OK load 75
  • Requires less grease application than other greases as it lasts longer

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SFR Green ® 2522 is a Lithium Complex grease fortified with molybdenum and SFR’s proprietary high load extreme pressure additives.  Engineered for better adhesion and less grease usage to reduce the impact on the environment, SFR Green 2522 provides outstanding performance.  Tested extensively in earthmoving, and mining equipment, SFR protects in high load conditions.  In addition, with its high dropping point SFR is used in steel mills, where a grease must stand up to extremely high temperature and provides maximum protection against corrosion.

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All bearings including those exposed to high temperature, pillow blocks, slippers, mining, construction, and earth moving equipment. Excellent contaminant resistance for conveyors, chains trailer wheel bearings, casters in processing assembly lines, bearings exposed to water, steam and detergents in industrial plant equipment. Use on flange bolts, ladle slides, hooks, guide pins, toggle links, cranes, shafts, sprockets, fifth-wheel hitches. Requires less grease application than other greases as it lasts longer.

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