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Important Safety Notice

lubricants south west - safety notice diagram 2Never point parts which are under high pressure in the direction of persons or animals: Our Quality Lubrication Equipment can raise hydraulic pressures as high as 1000bar (14,450psi)! We strongly recommend the use of our High Pressure Rubber Hose Assemblies (Double Steel Wire Reinforced) with a burst pressure of 1,650 bar (23,800 psi). Do not forcibly bend or twist hoses: minimum bend radius is 50mm. Before use, check hoses for signs of damage or leakage. Both Nylon and Rubber Hoses are subject to the effects of ageing, so replace hoses that are more than 3 years old if they are showing signs of fatigue or wear. Never use pliers or pipe grips in the area of the end fitting, use only spanners or wrenches of the appropriate size on the hexagonal end fittings.

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