iCan Fluid Transfer System – Product Range (coming soon)

Lubricants SW is proud to be the exclusive distributor of the safe, innovative, cost-effective iCan Fluid Transfer System product range in the UK.

Registered with NATO (NCAGE Code: SGSC8), this system is simply SAFER, FASTER and EASIER.

Read about the features and benefits of the iCan Fluid Transfer system at the bottom of this page, below our product range.

Based in Devon, Lubricants SW offers a delivery service throughout the UK and Ireland.

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iCan Product Range – Safer, Faster, Easier.

The iCan Fluid Transfer System is safer:

  • reducing the potential for cross contamination of lubricants;
  • food safe containers compliant with current BRC regulations;
  • improving lubrication management and housekeeping processes;
  • reducing accidental spills, which can lead to wastage of expensive lubricants;
  • preventing expensive cleanup and potential environmental damage;
  • and reducing the potential for personal and lost time injury.

The iCan Fluid Transfer System is also faster:

  • streamlining the fluid transfer process, with more efficient fluid handling.

And the iCan Fluid Transfer System is also easier and more cost-effective, increasing productivity:

  • providing clearly identifiable lubrication contents – without the need for lots of different coloured containers or lids
    • using a 10-band/card, colour-coded system
    • built-in MSDS data sheet pocket for clear identification of fluid
  • ergonomically designed for the comfort of the user;
  • the whole system comprises just 12 main items or SKUs – significantly less than other systems.


The iCan system is perfect for a range of industries, including manufacturing, automotive, mining, drilling, petrochemicals, agriculture, marine, pharmaceuticals and more.