Monitoring Food Safe Lubricants in the Manufacturing Process

Are you looking at finding a solution to monitoring food safe lubricants in your business? At Lubricants SW Ltd, we pride ourselves on finding innovative lubrication solutions for businesses in the South West and UK wide, and our most recent project was no exception. We were recently approached by a large food manufacturing company in Plymouth that had a lubrication wastage issue. At Lubricants SW, we aim to be solution providers at every opportunity, so when the challenge arose, we were eager to solve the problem.

Finding a Solution to the Lubricant Wastage Issue

Our client stored the high-quality food grade lubricants in an area of the plant that had free access, at any time, to engineers and staff. This meant that anyone had access to the area where the oil was stored. Consequently, none of the stock was being monitored. There was also an additional problem; the booking procedure was not working, and management had no idea of where the oil was being used, and how much was left in stock. This, in turn, led to several situations where products were out of stock, or not being used correctly. Effective implementation of a new lubrication system could reduce costs and streamline the monitoring process for these products. With cost control being so critical in today’s business environment, we needed to find the perfect lubrication solution for the client.

Monitoring Food Safe Lubricants – The Solution

It’s important to us that we meet the customer’s requirements with every project we are assigned, and this was no exception. We met with the client, carried out a full consultation with them and we came up with a plan. The proposal was to use the Pulse Pro Fluid Management System (designed and manufactured by Graco Inc). This wireless, fluid management system is normally used for vehicles and fleet services, so this was the first time this had been used in a non-automotive environment. It allows the customer to buy their oil in 205L rather than 20L. The customer also gets full traceability of where every drop of oil has been used, and how much oil they have in stock, daily.

Monitoring Food Safe Lubricants - Top Half of System - Lubricants South West

The Benefits of the Pulse Pro Fluid Management System

The Pulse Pro System offers complete control of lubricant spend. The work order is assigned to each fluid dispenser, so no unauthorised oil use is possible. The system is accessed via an RFID Tag or a pin code, so you know who has taken which oil. The wireless digital meters and inbuilt software in the hub means fast and easy set-up. Work orders can be created remotely in the office and sent to the meter, so the correct oil is put in the appropriate machine, every time. Accurate fluid levels and low-level alerts are available 24/7, eliminating out-of-stock situations. The system has easy, mess-free dispensing, reducing manual handling issues.

The system was installed at the plant successfully. The system is now transmitting the correct volumes from the dispensers and the team can monitor these levels at any time, therefore reducing costs, wasted time and loss of stock.

Why Choose Lubricants SW?

Our family business, established in the mid-1990s, serves all manner of industrial sectors with lubrication products and equipment. We have the expertise in food grade lubrication to support you in your food safety management plans such as BRC Certification. We are constantly striving to improve and extend our lubrication solutions and products. Our constant testing and developing of new processes and products help our customers get the most effective solution. Our success can be credited to our broad knowledge of lubricants and our reliability – offering you lubrication equipment to specification, on time and to budget! You can be assured that when we make a promise, we will go out of our way to help you. As lubrication specialists, we really do go the extra mile!

Next Steps

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