Lubrication Store for Large Pharmaceutical Company in Devon

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Project Snapshot

  • Lubrication storage for a large pharmaceutical company in Devon.
  • Bespoke lubrication storage building constructed on-site.
  • Effective segregation of food and non-food grade lubrication.

The Challenge

We were approached by a large pharmaceutical manufacturing customer of ours in North Devon, who had a requirement for a large external bunded lubrication store, that could be situated away from the main factory for fire reasons. Under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, every employer must identify hazards, assess risks, and take action to eliminate the hazard, or if this isn’t possible, control the risk. Fire prevention should form part of this.

The Lubrication Storage Solution

Armed with the brief, we set the wheels in motion to create an effective solution for the company. The store had to be fully bunded, insulated with flameproof materials, heated, ventilated, secure and fitted with electric lighting. It also had to be large enough to accommodate existing Lubrication Cabinets and Lube-Stations, while at the same time having sufficient space to segregate food grade lubricants from non-food grade lubricants.

We put together a plan taking all these criteria into account and sent it to our manufacturing division, who fine-tuned our drawings and turned them into reality. They fabricated exactly what our customer required. The unit arrived at the premises and was installed, accompanied by a substantial ramp. The ramp was added to allow easy access to the unit for our Lube-Karts over the low door threshold.

Lubrication Storage - Lubricant Cabinets - Lubricants SW

The Results & the Benefits of Effective Lubrication Storage

The customer was extremely pleased with the finished result, as it all works well and has both freed up a lot of space for them inside the factory and increased their safety levels.

Storage and handling are often treated as an afterthought, but they can have a substantial influence. While most lubricants can endure extended periods of storage without immediate repercussions, they don’t last forever. Prolonged storage, even under optimal circumstances, can lead to a decline in performance, rendering the lubricants ineffective over time.

Environmental conditions have a large influence on the shelf life of lubricants and grease products. Susceptibility to contamination from dust and dirt is a concern and fluctuating temperatures can cause a reaction called thermal siphoning, which is where moisture and airborne particles move between the container’s headspace and the surrounding atmosphere, resulting in the contamination or degradation of the contents. Extreme heat or cold can also cause chemical degradation. Effective lubrication storage can mitigate these issues.

Lubrication Storage - Lubricant Storage Facility - Lubricants SW

Why Choose Lubricants SW?

Our family business serves many sectors across the UK, with lubrication productslubrication stores and equipment. We have expertise in a wide variety of lubrication, greases and oils and hold certifications in each of these fields

We are constantly working to improve our scope and looking to expand our lubrication knowledge to create an even more efficient, reliable service. You can rest assured that when we make a promise, we will go out of our way to keep it.

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